First of all one should be aware of what Cccam server really is.

Hopefully this will be enough of an explanation for you, it’s the right to access digital packages via the connection of a Cccam cardsharing server through the internet. The main motive of such a server is the transfer of locked channel codes over a network to all of the appliances connected to that particular server.

Basically the method of using various smart cards over any network. Which is what Cccam server or card sharing really means. The most plain explanation would be what you experience while surfing through the channels of your TV, where you must have found that some of them are not working or as the more proper term suggests, encrypted, as you haven’t paid your satellite provider for those. And there is no way to decrypt the channels by any method as they were designed to support only card sharing or to run a Cccam server upon it. wikipedia

This process has existed for many years even though the majority of the people are still not concious of it. Talk of sharing is quite the taboo subject on many forums because of the possible illegal uses. It’s not exactly illegal, this card-over-sharing.