A technical method being used by many such services, that is, to update their software and protect it from possible decryption.


Instead of sending a plain text word meant to control it from the smart card to the reviever’s microprocessor, which can further be intercepted, the decrypted works will actually be an encrypted control word,

that can only be unlocked by a legit, non card sharing and a process, used by several other satellite providers, where they just increase the frequency by a notch of the control word changes.

With those occuring as repeatedly as every few seconds, extra pressure is put into the card sharing system so as to give the best, practical experience to their customers.

As it can be seen above that all the proper, possible steps have been taken to prevent someone from ruining the user’s experience through not-so-legal activities.

That’s the beauty of it too, you know. Without tampering with the necessary functions of the Cccam server, everything has been saved.

Wish it was possible implement such a strong form of protection in our everyday life too. But that would be going off topic.