The Future has Begun with IPTV


You have the honour to live in the most exciting age when it comes to communications and information. Overall human knowledge has never been more available – just one click away.

If you think about it, in not so far past, knowledge was reserved only for the privileged ones. Some people even gave their lives for that privilege.

And here we are today, seating in front of our TV screens or computers, holding remote controllers or mice, clicking our way through the wonderful digital world.

We got so used to clicking and enjoying the surfing through media and text contents that we take it for granted and rarely see it as a privilege.

Technology changes so fast nowadays that we even don’t have the time to grasp the extension of the possibilities it provides. But don’t worry.

If you are interested, you can easily find out how lucky you are, because the information about your luck is also a click away and you’ve already made that click: you’ve came to this page, haven’t you?

Now, when you are already here, we will take the opportunity to remind you of your privileges and to describe how to make the most of them.

When talking about clicking and browsing through media and text contents, you have to keep in mind that for people in recent past this meant one-way or one-to-many delivery of information.

These people could not decide what and when to watch something on TV.

Surely, they could choose between different programmes and channels, but they couldn’t actually choose to watch their favourite show, for example, if it wasn’t aired at the exact time when they were watching TV.

People had to wait for a particular day and a specified time to watch their favourite show. It was sort of a false choice – they had the choice between the programmes, but they couldn’t always watch what they really like.

Here we get to the essence of your privilege to live today: you have the access to something called IPTV (Internet Protocol TV).

Now, maybe you are not so impressed so far because Internet already gave you the feeling of a two-way communication with the content you are browsing. There is even something called “Internet TV”.

So what is all the fuss about then? Well, there is a huge difference between Internet TV and IPTV. First of all, Internet TV is available wherever there is an Internet connection.

The availability of Internet TV depends on how fast your Internet connection is. If slow, you will not enjoy your programme much with all the interruptions and sluggish loading of the content.

IPTV is run over telecom operators’ networks and you can watch its content only if you are a subscriber, but this guarantees fast programme delivery and stability of the network connection.

Now, you may say that Internet TV is free and IPTV requires signed contract with the service provider and some sort of a device (decoder box) to provide you the access to the programming, and you would be right, but remember – there is no free lunch and if you don’t pay now.

you will pay later and the price will be much higher. If you pay for the service, you can enjoy limitless programme options without any annoying delays or skips in its delivery.

In other words, your enjoyment in high-quality content is guaranteed when you pay for IPTV while watching TV over the Internet can cause many headaches because a certain amount of the information is always lost in transition and loading of the content can be painfully slow.

If you want to enjoy the digital age you are living in, you have to inhale it with the full lung capacity. Only then you can feel the magic of choosing your own reality in moments of relaxing from hard work by watching and listening whatever you want, whenever you want, in live colours and breath-taking sounds.

So what does Internet Protocol TV actually offers? There are three kinds of IPTV. There is something called “video-on-demand” (VOD).

It means that you can pre-select a TV programme or a movie you want to watch (these programmes and movies are often not available on the Internet or they are of very low quality of picture and sound), you pay for them and you watch them whenever you want.

The different kind of IPTV is offered by many renowned TV broadcasters. You can watch their ordinary scheduled broadcasts but at a time that is convenient for you.

The third kind of IPTV is the most exciting one and it includes broadcasting live TV programmes across the Internet.

Video on Demand, digital video recorder and Internet browsing via TV are only among few great possibilities which IPTV offers.

While Video on Demand provides you with the feeling of a total control over your time and preferences by allowing you to choose, rewind, stop and replay the programme, a digital recording option enables you to enjoy missed live broadcasts such as sports games, series and concerts by recording them for later amusement.

The option of Internet browsing on your TV is especially convenient as there is no difference compared to regular Google browsing on your computer, except this time you can use a TV screen to see what’s new on Facebook or Instragram.

As you can see so far, the greatest privilege of the modern age you are living in is the fact that thanks to IPTV everything is subordinated to your wishes and free time. You are the owner of your own fun time and reality.

Moreover, IPTV technology promises many new applications which will allow you, for example, to give an instant feedback to a TV presenter or choose your own ending of your favourite TV series!

Whether you are aware of it or not, your future has already begun and IPTV makes it possible for you to enjoy its beauty and power in complete and full audio-visual capacity!